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Basically untact marketing is about selling products in ways that avoid face-to-face contact between the seller and buyer. So rather than having ‘CONTACT’ and interaction with staff, consumers can have ‘untact’ (UN+TACT ie. no contact) and do their shopping all by themselves!


Unmanned Store in the Fashion Industry
‘Untact’ means intended segregation of buyers from unwanted contact. With the modern-day consumers collecting information from on-line sources, they rather chose not to be interrupted by marketers. And now, advent of some new technologies and attempt to save labor costs make such ‘untact marketing’ possible in the fashion industry.

Social distancing is the latest campaign under way in South Korea in an effort to minimize social contact to contain the spread of the coronavirus. As a result, non-face-to-face or untact social and economic activities are sharply on the rise, such as working from home, online shopping and deliveries.

The restaurant sector is reporting a surge in related sales including drive-thrus and deliveries, while job interviews, university classes and export negotiations are also taking place online.

Social distancing is a trend not only in Korea, but is a basic practice encouraged around the world as part of containment efforts.

Economic activity in the traditional sense has usually involved face-to-face contact.

The marketplace is where supply meets demand. Therefore, avoiding going outdoors and meeting people will contract the economy. However, these days, the notion of the online economy is nothing new and is very much ingrained in our daily lives.

Department stores, a leading offline shopping venue, stepping up their online business in recent days is a good example. To address plunging customer numbers, some department stores have focused on their e-commerce channels and results have been positive.

This especially rings true for Daegu and North Gyeongsang Province, the hardest hit regions of the outbreak, where economic activity is literally paralyzed.

Here, online and cyber activities are mounting as overseas travel is blocked with more and more countries restricting the entry of South Koreans. In addition to online classes and job interviews, the most noticeable change can be found in food deliveries.

Information technology firms are also taking active measures. South Korea’s number one online portal Naver said it will strengthen support for untact-related technology. For instance, it will introduce a new service where products at offline stores are promoted online in real time.

The protracted outbreak of COVID-19 is changing the ins and outs of economic activity and these changes are expected to stick around as a new trend even after the outbreak finally ends.


– Video Is the Now, but Short-Form Video Is the Future –

The videos audiences are consuming are getting shorter everyday. Grant Munro shows marketers how to capture attention, tell a story and create something visually engaging in just 2.7 seconds. Short-form videos have become the talk of content marketing over the past few years, but what exactly defines a short video? A short video is anywhere from 15 to 60 seconds long, although six-second micro-videos have become popular on platforms like YouTube and Snapchat.

Get a web address they can’t ignore.

Who can resist real-time content? Judging from the skyrocketing popularity of live streaming, no one. There’s something about watching events unfold—unscripted and raw—that makes us stop what we’re doing and stare.

With a .live domain name, the world will know at a glance that you’ve got the fresh, relevant content they want. A .live web address says you’re in step with the latest technology. It will pull customers into your website, enticing them to engage with your brand.

URL forwarding allows to redirect .LIVE domain to YouTube Channel.

Live streaming allows individuals to get their information faster than ever—and .LIVE is the perfect domain for sharing the moment with followers. .LIVE connects audiences to events as they happen, all from a trusted, personalized location.

Why choose a .live domain extension ?

  • Share real-time updates with followers from a .LIVE domain name that is customized with your branding.

  • Connect your existing channels on Periscope, Twitch, Meerkat, and other streaming services to a custom .LIVE URL that is interesting and memorable.

  • Acts and performances that go on tour can use a .LIVE domain as an easy way for customers to buy tickets or get additional information..

Brand your live streaming channels.

Any brand in any industry can use live streaming content to promote their products and services. Register YourBrand.live and point it to your live streaming channel at Periscope, Blab, Twitch, YouTube, DailyMotion, Cyworld or another streaming app. With a dot live domain you can brand your website with a memorable name that captures who you are and you do.

Use it for a social hub.

Many businesses are active on multiple social networks. Why not send fans or followers to a single .live website, where you provide links to all your channels or content in one convenient place? They’ll thank you for it.

Reach competitive gaming fans.

The global eSports industry generates millions of dollars each year thanks to the huge fan bases of games like Dota 2, League of Legends and StarCraft II. A .live domain name is a fabulous choice for anyone who works in or with the gaming industry. Game publishers, teams, leagues and event organizers need a .live domain to reach this large, passionate audience.

Got fresh content? Make sure your audience knows it with a .live web address.





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