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Basically untact marketing is about selling products in ways that avoid face-to-face contact between the seller and buyer. So rather than having ‘CONTACT’ and interaction with staff, consumers can have ‘untact’ (UN+TACT ie. no contact) and do their shopping all by themselves!


Unmanned Store in the Fashion Industry
‘Untact’ means intended segregation of buyers from unwanted contact. With the modern-day consumers collecting information from on-line sources, they rather chose not to be interrupted by marketers. And now, advent of some new technologies and attempt to save labor costs make such ‘untact marketing’ possible in the fashion industry.


But how can we avoid face-to-face contact in shops, you ask? Well, various smart technology is being developed to help us avoid dealing with (heaven forbid) human strangers and allowing us to interact with (sigh of relief) computers instead!

It Is The Age Of “untact”, Add A Touch Of Comfort In Shopping Alone

# UNTACT, UN+CONTACT UNTACT is a coined term that combines the prefix UN meaning no with the word contact. It means providing information in a non-face to face fashion and minimize the contact with people.

The “untact” technologies such as kiosk (unmanned vending machine) and chatbots are introduced, which removes the need for customers to receive help from the shop assistant when purchasing products.

With the emergence of generations where it is easier to click than to converse, the “untact” technology has been selected as the consumer trend of 2018 in Korea.

# Examples of using “untact” technology in our everyday lives
Recently, we can easily find examples of “untact” technology providing new services. “Untact” technology is shown in the life of the modern people who are reluctant on interacting with others.

“Untact” marketing is the union of the prefix “un-,” meaning “not,” and the shortened form of “contact.” Together it means “no contact.” As in, don’t contact me while I’m shopping.

It’s for the person who doesn’t like to talk with sales people while they’re out shopping.
“Untact Marketing” in Practice

For ages, it’s always been about better customer service by providing…well, service! But this new trend is about giving customers what they really want, which may be some peace. And some stores are really pioneering this idea of leaving customers alone.





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