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– Wang Hong / 网红 –

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The Wanghong economy is the nascent Chinese digital economy based on influencer marketing in social media. Wanghong is the Chinese term for an internet celebrity. Chinese Wanghong attract the attention of Internet users, which can translate into profit through e-commerce and online advertising.

There has been a recent rise of online celebrities (Wang Hong) in the Chinese retail market. Undoubtedly, the internet influencers are having a significant impact on the retail market of China. The transformation of the industry is taking place, and customer bases are getting affected. Even the supply chain levels are changing. It seems the success of online celebs is here to stay as they have become a stronger force in China’s retail business. The big question is “How can we adapt to this new landscape of industry”?


URL forwarding allows to redirect .cyou domain to YouTube Channel.

The .cyou domain is a savvy and uber-cool domain extension crafted for the true digital natives of today. It is the perfect domain extension for Gen Z brands and individuals looking to establish a memorable online presence.

Want the world to
c what you can do?

Bring your innovative ideas to life with a .cyou
domain. The perfect domain extension for
today’s digital natives!

What is .cyou?

.cyou is a savvy and uber-cool domain extension crafted for the true digital
natives of today.

.cyou is the newest domain name from ShortDot, a leading nTLD registry, and operator of .icu – the largest new domain extension in the world.

Who is .cyou for?

The .cyou domain is crafted specifically for today’s generation of movers and shakers who have never lived in a world without social media or the internet.

.cyou empowers the true digital natives of today’s work smart generation that are re-writing the rule book on how things should be.

The .cyou domain is for the group of technologically advanced, eco-conscious, open-minded individuals of today. It’s for Gen Z and for those who thrive on memes and speak fluent emoji.

From youngsters starting their own businesses to those who wish to monetize their passions and talents or for influencers who want to further their strong personal brands on social media, .cyou is for them all!

.cyou is also well-suited for any business or brand trying to appeal to Gen Z or simply looking for an innovative online identity that helps them stand out from the herd.

Simply put, .cyou is for any individual or business that shares the ethical values of diversity, inclusivity, and independence.




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