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The Xiaomi Fimi X8 is a foldable drone built to look a lot like a DJI Mavic. It is roughly the same size as the original Mavic. While Xiaomi wants to put this up directly against DJI’s flagship Mavic 2 models it specs out much closer to the . Both Mavic 2 models are more advanced and double the cost of the Fimi X8. The Mavic Air is much closer in terms of technology as well as price ($799). There are definitely some major differences you will want to note.

The Fimi X8 boasts a flight time of 33 minutes. In real-world applications that really means somewhere between 25-30 minutes of actual flight. pushed his Fimi X8 to 0% battery life to achieve 30 minutes of flight, but that is both dangerous and bad for your battery and future flight times. achieved 25 minutes while landing with 25% battery. That definitely beats the Mavic Air’s 20 minute flight time. boasts a 25 minute flight time and the Zino claims 23 minutes. This is one of the Xiaomi’s largest advantages over the other drones.

Arguably the most important part of the drone is the camera. camera is able to shoot 4K footage at 30 fps with a bit rate of 100 Mbps. It also capable of shooting F-log and DNG raw. The 12 MP camera has a Sony IMX378 1/2.3″ sensor. These specs are almost identical to those of the Mavic Air. Early models of the Fimi X8 seem to have a little extra blueish tint to their video, but Xiaomi claims to be working on a firmware update to take care of that.The flight modes, better camera, and user experience put the Mavic Air over the top, but again you’ll have to spend quite a bit more for it.

Comparing footage on YouTube can be a bit difficult but having done extensive work with the Mavic Air I would give it the slight edge. Hopefully, Xiaomi is able to improve upon the camera with future firmware updates. The Hubsan camera falls short of expectations, but the Parrot Anafi camera is surprisingly good. The Anafi camera can move 180 degrees on its two-axis gimbal and allows for interesting angles and expert shots. It is even capable of lossless zoom. While it’s footage isn’t quite as crisp as that of the Mavic Air it is still pretty solid.


– Video Is the Now, but Short-Form Video Is the Future –

The videos audiences are consuming are getting shorter everyday. Grant Munro shows marketers how to capture attention, tell a story and create something visually engaging in just 2.7 seconds. Short-form videos have become the talk of content marketing over the past few years, but what exactly defines a short video? A short video is anywhere from 15 to 60 seconds long, although six-second micro-videos have become popular on platforms like YouTube and Snapchat.
URL forwarding allows to redirect .LIVE domain to YouTube Channel.

Streaming content is one of the biggest ways that consumers now enjoy movies, music, and more. The .STREAM domain connects website visitors with the media they’re interested in, all in a dedicated name space.

Why choose a .stream domain extension?

  • Websites that stream movies or music can inform their audience of their purpose by using a .STREAM ending.

  • Live streamers can also use this extension to create a branded URL that highlights their content.

  • Websites that offer on demand videos can create a subdomain with .STREAM where users can access their content.

Streaming is a popular choice for music, TV, and movies, and a .stream domain name gives the providers of streaming entertainment a trusted name space to build trust with consumers.

Physical media is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Advances in bandwidth, storage, and support have brought about the advent of streaming media. Now, instead of pulling a record, CD, game cartridge, or DVD off the shelf, one can simply pull the same content down from the web – often with higher digital quality! The .stream TLD is the perfect namespace for any business or provider who wants to engage with a fast-paced, media-savvy audience. With .stream, you can offer a reliable, straightforward option for users who want to access audio, video, and interactive media, exposing them to virtually unlimited choices of content.

With .stream the world of live music and video will be at your fingertips!

Create a space of your own to keep up with the constant demand of live streaming with an easily recognisable and meaningful web extension and become a part of a growing obsession.

The new .stream generic TLD will provide a secure connection for you to stream media for your own use or to share with anyone from gaming tutorials, fun video clips and so much more.

For business, .stream is the perfect domain to let users find you easily via search engine results thus increasing traffic to your site and boosting potential returns.




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